Unleashing Spice Girls’ Sporty Spice’s Memoir: Who I Am

Mel C Book Review

Mel C, aka Sporty Spice, is getting ready to unleash her latest memoir on the world. It’s called Who I Am and it details her jaw-dropping trajectory from small town girl to overnight icon with the Spice Girls.

Meanwhile, Mike and his friends are struggling to stay afloat. His younger sister, Satchel, is trying to stop the Messenger from opening more fissures with her magic.

The Story

Whether you know her as Sporty Spice, Mel B, or just plain Melanie Chisholm, there is no doubt that the former member of the Spice Girls has made her mark on the entertainment world. With a new memoir releasing, she shares the story of her journey to find herself and what it has taken to get there. From her fractured childhood to the traumatic incident that took place at a hotel in Istanbul right before she and the other Spice Girls were about to take the stage for their first-ever concert, Who I Am is an emotionally powerful read that will touch you as it inspires you.

The End

There’s nothing that strikes fear into the heart of a showbiz A-lister quite like discovering that a friend is writing a tell-all. Mel C, a/k/a Sporty Spice, is no exception and her announcement of the release of her new book has spooked the likes of her fellow Spice Girls (including Posh and Robbie Williams) and Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis. Who I Am details the incredible highs of becoming a global icon and spreading the message of Girl Power from a bedroom in north-west England to Wembley stadium and beyond, as well as the devastating lows of body image and mental health issues.

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