Parents’ Guide to Book Reviews

Book Review for Parents

Parents can help their children write book reviews by developing a plan for the report. They should discuss this plan verbally before putting pen to paper. This helps children develop their ideas and emotions about the book.

There are a number of websites that provide detailed book reviews for parents. These sites provide the kind of specific information busy parents need to make decisions about what their children should read.

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is an online resource that focuses on a number of different entertainment topics. They cover movies, television shows, games, music and books. They also offer detailed reviews of these topics. The site also showcases best-of lists and a wide variety of categories to help parents decide whether or not a given piece of content is appropriate for their kids.

The organization’s for-profit arm, Common Sense Networks, recently launched a kid-friendly video streaming service called Sensical. The company says dozens of trained child-development experts review, vet and rate every single frame of content on its platform.

They look for things like sex, drugs, violence and language. They also take note of whether or not a story is realistic and has well-rounded characters or one-dimensional stereotypes.

Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews provides industry professionals a sneak peek at the most notable books before they’re published, and it offers a suite of author services. A subscription costs $200 a year.

Like Michelin guides, Kirkus reviews are known for their verdicts spread across the publishing world, bringing good titles to attention and sweeping away piles of dross. A typical review is short (less than four hundred words) and follows a similar format: a one-line precis, a paragraph of plot and character summary, and a formal assessment.

Harrison and D’Angelo are the White adoptive parents of a Black child, and their book seeks to “orient parents and communities to how race and racism will affect a Black child’s life.” The authors tackle difficult topics with grace and rigor.

School Library Journal

School Library Journal (SLJ) is the premier publication for librarians and media specialists who work with children and teens. The magazine publishes 6,000+ reviews each year of books, new technology tools, multimedia and other information resources that engage students.

SLJ also provides news and feature articles to help librarians and school media specialists in their daily work. It is available in print and online and has several e-newsletters, including Curriculum Connections, SLJ Teen, Series Made Simple and SLJ Review.

For many children, going back to school can be an anxious time. This collection of picture books lets kids follow along with animals as they learn to face their fears.

Reading Tub

Encourage a love of reading and get great books on the regular with a book subscription box.

Children and parents alike will delight in this fun read aloud that brings a sense of adventure to the familiar setting of bath time.

Suitable for kids of all ages, this story of a dog and his best friend is a sweet, funny, and touching tale about unconditional friendship.

Children’s Book Review

If you want to get your book reviewed, it’s best to find a professional review service that specializes in children’s books. These services typically charge a fee to provide reviews, but they offer a level of expertise and exposure that may be difficult to achieve on your own.

The Horn Book is a leading publication that focuses on book reviews of juvenile fiction and nonfiction. Its website is easy to navigate and features a well-organized database. You can search by author/illustrator, subject, series, or reviewer. The website also includes excerpts from and citations to many reviews. Its starred reviews are particularly useful.

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